Who are we?
The clan has started on 7 nov 2007 with 2 members, but it grows fast.

We have now 16 members, and 0 tryout member

The New »LèGéNd« Clan  is a clan that plays mostly on full (clanbase) and demo servers, (but demo is almost deadCry)

The most important playing is now instagib CTF on full but there is 1 member that plays mostly instagib Deatchmatches.

and 1 that plays mostly assault.


There are 3 servers online 2 Full instagib  and 1 Demo-instagib-server

 * The most important one is the Publicserver on full: The »LèGéNd« Clan Public server with ip

    this is a server with all thingies like bombingrun, CTF, invastion, Deathmatch, TeamDeathmatch and Double Domination.

 * we have also a training and War server on full this is a Privat server of legend

    this server can be found on ip

 * third we have a Demo server  without translocator, it can be found on ip


If you wish to start a clanwar against us then contact the admin

So the land statistics are

Holland      11

Belgium     1

Germany   3

Estonia      1

Average Age of het Clan is  20.5 years  Cool